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Published Jun 09, 22
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By Cheryl Lock Kevin G. had been working in finance for five years when he decided to apply for a new position at an illustrious firm. “I'd heard that a lot of employers will do some due diligence online before interviewing people, but I didn’t have any type of online presence at the time—no Facebook, no Linked, In, nothing,” says Kevin.

“The Kevin G. who came up was a child sex offender,” Kevin says. “He has a different middle initial, and he’s in his sixties, while I’m in my twenties. But I didn’t think that potential employers would even get to those details. Instead, I saw them passing up on my résumé once they saw that the whole first page of search results for my name was from and bustedoffenders.

Since the first big site, Reputation. com, launched in 2006, the business of online reputation management has grown exponentially. Reputation. com, which offers a "Reputation Defender" product that starts at $250 per month, now has 1. 6 million customers in over 100 countries alone. "Indeed, there are hundreds of consultants offering online reputation management services, dozens of firms that specialize in reputation management and a handful of big-name companies that have managed to cement their own reputation as the leaders of the pack," says Andy Beal, C (reputation pricing).E.O.

com receive different services based on the packages and tools that they choose. For example, do-it-yourself products, which allow you to submit up to three links for search engine optimization and tracking advice, are free through Brand, Yourself. Meanwhile, the premium option costs $80 per year, and lets you submit an unlimited number of links to be optimized.

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Even businesses use these services to help manage their online presence. “Our review management tools," says Leslie Hobbs, a director at Reputation. com, "make it possible for professionals and small and medium businesses to see what’s being posted about them in real time on many review sites and social media outlets, respond directly from the platform, analyze the content for trends—and even proactively ask customers for accurate feedback.” “We started the company when our co-founder [Pete Kistler] couldn’t get an internship because he was being mistaken for a criminal with the same name," says Patrick Ambron, C.E.O.

"Unfortunately, he didn’t know how to fix the problem himself, and traditional reputation companies quoted him at thousands of dollars per month. So we wanted to create tools and services that anybody could use, regardless of their situation.” In Kevin G (reputation com cost).'s case, he needed to build an online presence of his own before he could set himself apart from the sex offender who shared his name.

“In a lot of ways, you are a brand, and like any other brand or product, you need to manage yourself.” Here are Taylor's top tips for shoring up your own online rep: Head over to the Google alert page, and in less than 10 minutes, you can establish a name alert.

This is something that many employees and business owners fail to do, Taylor notes. “If you don’t exist on Linked, In and Twitter, or worse, your profiles are incomplete, it leaves the barn door open to trash your reputation,” she says. “After all, if someone says something bad about you, and people search social media and see nothing or something incomplete about you, then whatever that person has written will carry more value.” If you have a complete social media profile, it will also make it easier for employers to bring you in for an interview.

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“Using a party picture on Linked, In doesn’t make a good impression, so take the time to have some professional-looking photos taken,” Taylor suggests. “This is a small investment up front, but it will pay off in the long term.” Whether you use an online service or not, one thing is clear: Maintaining a squeaky-clean online presence should be high on your to-do list.

Limited time. Complete removal of negative content A one time free of $500 to $30,000. De-Indexing negative result from search engines A one time fee of $500 to $10,000 Reputation Monitoring Services Ranges between $100 to $ 3000 a month. Why are price ranges so wide? Suppression prices are tied to a lot of labor costs.

Costs for removal is typically contingency based but fees are collected upfront. Escrow services should be provided by serious projects. The range is based on the difficulty to compel certain sites to comply with the removal. Most high end publications will fight tooth and nails to keep old stories online, even if in the past, these would just end up on microfiche.

Sometime there is de-indexing options, the fees are quite expensive because specialized lawyers are often involved. Reputation Monitoring services also have a wide range on pricing because it is dependent on the complexity of the monitoring, is it just search results, news, social media or the deep web. A simple Google Alerts monitoring should no more than $100 a month but is something you should also consider doing yourself. how much does reputation com cost.

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For example, Radian 6, purchased by Salesforce in 2011, helps listen more intelligently to the voice of the consumers, competitors and influencers; their monitoring dashboard, which tracks mentions on more than 120 million social media sites. The dashboard starts at $1000/month. If we add the cost of service, this option should be mid way in the range ($1500-2000/month).

But how much does it actually cost a business? The Business Cost of a Poor Online Reputation It is estimated that businesses across the nation lose roughly $537 billion each and every year due to poor online reputations. These poor online reputations are often caused by several different things, not the least of which is bad reviews.

In one study by Harvard University, researchers determined that for every single star increase in a business’ Yelp rating they experienced a five to nine percent increase in revenue. The researchers further uncovered the fact that there is roughly an eighteen percent difference in revenue between a restaurant with a three star Yelp rating and a restaurant with a five star Yelp rating.

This is due to the fact that about eighty percent of consumers will not buy goods or services from businesses that suffer negative reviews. On the flip side, businesses with good online reputations tend to be the leaders in their markets, as Samsung, Apple, Microsoft and Sony have all proven.

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A company that also works to honestly address negative reviews can improve in their consumers’ eyes.