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Published Feb 25, 22
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PCWorld says that “Reputation, Defender… charges between $3000 and $10,000 to monitor your reputation” and that Remove, Your, Name and Integrity Defenders are a little more reasonable, with pricing starting at $3000 and $630, respectively. It’s unclear whether this is a monthly cost or a one-time fee, and remember that this data is several years old.

On that subject, Varun Sharma, Growth Manager at Up, Reports, says in his Quora response that he has charged between $700-$5000, depending on “project complexity.” Other variables also have an impact on cost, such as whether negative links are from high authority sites and/or media sites, whether you’re working in developed or undeveloped countries, and the number of negative links you’re trying to remove.

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Forbes stated (remember, this is 2013 data) that Reputation Defender “starts at $250 per month.” We’ll have to take their word for it. In researching this article we reached out to several of the top search results for reputation management (and “reputation repair”). Most companies told us they couldn’t provide us with pricing quotes, and based on responses from several of the popular reputation management and/or “content removal” companies, it may be difficult to nail them down on pricing without providing specifics as to the exact problem you want solved.

After some some back-and-forth with one reputation management company, they provided us with “ballpark” numbers for monthly, basic business reputation monitoring. They offer reputation management for businesses at 4 different price points, the lowest being $999 per month and the highest at $4,500 per month, in either 6- or 12-month terms.

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Obviously, this kind of expense is better absorbed by larger companies with larger budgets, rather than small, local businesses for which $3,500 might represent their entire marketing budget for a year. However, if you have the wherewithal and the need, this route may be the right choice for your business.

Let’s go over the three top options for small business reputation management, and discuss the pros and cons of each. For small businesses, there are really three ways to approach the vital task of online reputation management: 1) do it all yourself; 2) hire an online reputation management firm; or 3) use reputation management software that automates and/or simplifies the process (online reputation management services cost).

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If you have the time and aptitude to consistently monitor and manage your business pages on all the review sites and the reviews you receive there, as well as your social media platforms, and if you have set up Google Alerts for your business, you might have reasonably good success with this approach, particularly if you don’t have a serious problem with negative online content about your business.

You are in complete control of the “voice” and messaging of your business. And if you have the time to spare but not the money, it might be the right choice. The disadvantages of managing your online reputation yourself are: it takes a LOT of time, which can paradoxically make you feel more disconnected from your customers and your business.

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If you are looking to remove or hide search results or other damaging content, it’s probably best to hire a firm specializing in that service. (Hint: bring money. They are not cheap.) Go deeper: You might choose to hire one of the various online reputation management companies to perform this task for you.

However, for busy small business owners—particularly those with a persistent negative online content problem—it might be worth the cost. how much does cost. Cost = High, varying from several hundreds to several thousands of dollars per month (see above) Ease of use = Completely hands-off Time savings = Excellent Effectiveness with standard reputation management tasks = Good to excellent Effectiveness with removing or “hiding” damaging content = Varying/moderate* The obvious advantages of hiring an online reputation management firm are that it takes that task completely off your plate, freeing up your time to run your business and deal with customers, and reputable companies may be more effective than the layman when attempting to remove damaging content from the net or “push down” negative search results.

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Let’s be honest: Building and protecting the online reputation of your medical practice is neither easy nor cheap. Online reputation management (ORM) is a complicated process that may cost you thousands of hard-earned dollars depending on the severity of the reputational damage, the extent of harmful online content that needs to be handled, the size of your medical practice, and the range of ORM services you opt for - how much does cost.

So, are you willing to jeopardize your career and years of hard work by ignoring the comments about your medical practice online? If the answer is No, then the rest of the blog is for you! What is the Real Cost of Managing Your Medical Practice’s Online Reputation? Let’s be very specific.

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Every time your brand will throw a new punch, it will not just take down a negative review — it will also make it harder for other harmful reviews to come on top of the search results. Building and Monitoring are the golden words here! These two words are the foundation of our approach to online reputation management.

Another plan might use email marketing to contact your patients after their appointments, offer them complimentary services, and ask them to follow your healthcare brand on social media. Each of these plans works on building, protecting, and managing your online reputation effectively. Regardless of the critical strategies listed in your customized reputation management plan, every plan focuses on monitoring what is being said about your healthcare brand online.

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At Practice Builders, we offer different plans for medical practices with unique needs and different goals. We recommend that you contact our online reputation management experts for customized online reputation management plans and see how our services can help you achieve your business goals.

This post was most recently updated on August 17, 2020Online Reputation Management is specifically designed to help clean up your online image and prevent reputation crises. Whether personal or business, your online presence is incredibly important in this day and age when how you are perceived online might alter someone’s ability to trust you.

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That’s just one small example, any small step in the right direction can make a huge difference in the long run. Package prices vary because different clients require various amounts of work - online reputation management costs. Our first and primary step is always removal, but sometimes suppression is the better option. Removal could require our investigative team to work with attorneys to achieve results, this and other reputation management pricing factors may affect package pricing.

Some people might have been faced with a reputation crisis that has completely taken over their online search results with negative content. Others might just want to completely protect their privacy from online hackers. No matter what the cause, erasing yourself from the internet is a popular request from reputation management companies.